I like Saturday Night Live (SNL) so don't let the title fool you. I love the concept of a long-running sketch comedy show.

But SNL has been more miss than hit. It seems like every week there's a few really good things and a whole lot of bad. Here is where I will constructively talk about the show.



I love comedy, especially sketch comedy.

I've watched a lot of sketch comedy in my time including SNL, SCTV, Python, MadTV, Kids in the Hall, etc. Sketch is my favorite form of comedy when it is funny, makes a point, and is not longer than it has to be.

I'm also a writer-performer in a sketch comedy group and have been for many years. I've written and acted in tons of sketches that were developed by our group. We write sketches, talk about them, suggest modifications and argue about them. We spend a lot of time analyzing a sketch, adding laugh lines, getting rid of unncessesary lines and working on the ending. I've learned a lot by writing and performing sketches.